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Demo slides: Nostoi Etymology

Created with ❤️ at EPFL

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Transform your studying experience with Nostoi

💡 Highlight words and get on-point explanations

Something is not clear? You want to learn more? Just highlight. Nostoi knows what topic you are studying, and will provide you with answers in the correct context, tailored to you. 

📚 Cross course search

Lost track of where you learned a certain concept? Nostoi has got you covered with our cross-course search feature. By connecting with your university, we can show you all the courses where you've encountered a particular topic.

🔬Study tools 

Preparing for exams has never been easier with Nostoi's study tools. Need to build flashcards? Nostoi can create them automatically. Want to test your understanding of the course material? Nostoi will ask you relevant questions to ensure you're fully prepared.

Are you an educator?

👨‍🎓👩‍🎓 Understand where your students are struggling

Learn which concepts confuse your students and the dynamics of how they interact with your content. 

📈 Increased student engagement

Automatic flashcards, personalized explanations, and AI-powered analogies offers a new experience for engaging with slide content. 

🔄 User feedback to make your slides dynamic

Students can leave feedback on your slides to iteratively improve them! 


Available cross-device

Maintain access to your slides whatever your study method. 

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